In case of RSS needs that go beyond the everyday…

…Break out the reviews, or actually, one blog that already did all the legwork for you.

If you’re a syndicated news junkie, you’ve probably come across a video clip, or even an audio clip where you have to stop what you’re doing to open up the right app for. That can be irritating and disruptive, but what is the solution?

SplashCast has written a great article, What’s the Best RSS Reader for Rich Media? that can help you judge the pros and cons of RSS readers that suit your needs best. Instead of having to open up a new application every time a feed has an audio, video, or image file, the writer has looked around to find a reader with media integration.

They provide a list of the best, or at least the least worst. Most seem to be free, at least at this point, and there are several options for both Mac and PC.

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